I'm not a girl! (Ritsu Namine; Vipperloid)

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I'm not a girl! (Ritsu Namine; Vipperloid)

Post by Ritsu Namine on Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:56 am

Name: Namine Ritsu/律ナミネ/Western Order: Ritsu Namine
Age: 6
Gender: male
Rank: Vipperloid
Physical Description: Ritsu wears a black necklace, and a small hat with a veil on it.Ritsu's outfit consists of a big burgundy dress. The neckline of the dress has a piano pattern, and a ribboned and laced center. He has black sleeves, much like a vocaloid. He has a tiered skirt, with an transparent piano pattern on the sides. Much like the shirt of the dress, the skirt is ribboned and laced. Around Ritsu's dress is a rainbow hologram with a piano style.

Personality: Ritsu is an okama, in English known as a crossdresser. Ritsu is as well as a bully. He can be stubborn at times. Ritsu can be hot-tempered. Ritsu hates HATES being called a girl.
Personal History/backstory: Coming Soon
Ritsu Namine

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